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The different types of saddles available at Equitack

Although stored in a saddlery or at home, the leather is sensitive to temperature variations and especially to humidity. In order to maintain your fine used saddle and nets for as long as possible, proper cleaning is recommended. If not, you can always bring your damaged equipment to the Equitack repair shop.

A saddle renovated for you

The proper maintenance of your leather equipment is essential for their use and longevity. Leather is a strong material but needs to be hydrated to maintain its flexibility and elasticity. If it does not, it dries up and gives way. To avoid losing a reins or a stirrup in a full recovery or competition, we must prevent rather than cure. It could not be easier. Equitack recommends a complete care of your leather at least once a month.

In their shop, you will find all the flagship products for cleaning your saddle and your nets:

  • Glycerine soap: in bread, liquid or spray

  • Milk soap for soft leathers

  • Leather oil: suitable for new leathers, dry or brittle

  • Leather grease: complete hydration for all your leathers

Over time it's normal for your saddle or net to wear out:

  • Tree twisted by mounting on its mount from the ground

  • Saddle area ripped by the friction of the boots

  • Net poorly maintained and weakened by the sweat of the horse

  • Halter left outside all winter

So, it is not because you use it often that he will relax, quite the contrary. Whether you leave it abandoned in the upholstery or use it every day, the result will be the same. When you have not invested a lot in your equipment, renewing it leaves you a little indifferent. The moment you decide to opt for a higher quality, the stake is not the same. You will probably think twice before buying a saddle obstacle or dressage for your competitions.

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