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The Antares saddles, the tailor-made of our brand, which has built our reputation.

There is as much model as the horse saddle brand on the market. It is not always easy to choose from this panoply of stools and to trust little known brands is very delicate. Fortunately, there are brands that have the reputation of selling good quality equipment. Those like Antarès have already proved their worth and many customers can testify. Opting for this saddlemark is a safe investment.

Presentation of Antarès saddles

Antarès, fine used saddles, has dominated the horse saddles market for a long time thanks to its diversified range of equipment. In order to meet the needs of its customers, Antares has developed three categories of saddles. These collections were created in order to get closer to the customers. Their great specificity is that most of their stools are unique designs created specifically to the customer's request. And they have achieved their goal. Indeed, antares saddles are tearing themselves on the market. These are very sturdy and comfortable saddle types. Even the used Antarès saddles are still very much in demand. According to experts in stools, these are the most suitable for a better race.

Tailored to customers

The difference between Antarès and the other manufacturers of saddles is that this brand has succeeded in seducing its customers thanks to bespoke and ready-to-wear models. The demanding riders, or those who love luxury, will surely find equipment at their convenience. Indeed, the Antarès saddles come from three types of collections. The first is the Antares saddler, made to measure to satisfy the elites. Then, for the general public and the great sportsmen, the collection half-measure premium are at their disposal. This collection is also very high-end. Finally, like clothes, saddles can also be sold ready to wear and Antares has made a very large collection. It is these personalized services that make Antares famous in the world of riding accessories and it is thanks to this that this company thrives to the present day.

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