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How to properly ride a pony when you are already old?

Horse riding is a very complete and demanding sport: indeed it calls upon the whole muscular system of the human body. So the reality is far from the cliché of the solo-working horse ! However, horse riding can be practised whatever the age of the rider: indeed there are very young horse riders and very old ones. But whether we ride a pony or a horse, whether we are young or old, horse riding is reachable for everyone provided we are in a good condition. And if you are a horse lover, your website will fulfill you: equestrian news, tips and tricks for the daily life... You will be able to find all you need to make your life more beautiful !

Pony news

Above all we are a horse riding passionate community: so we have our heart set on providing you the latest equestrian news. Last results of your favourite riders, innovations about equestrian world... Do not stay sidelined anymore thanks to our website, which we update everyday to stay up-to-date. Moreover, our website gathers one of the biggest equestrian communities of the web ! Do not hesitate to come and chat on our forum with thousands or other riders: you will be able to share your lifehacks and benefit from the ones of the other riders.

Riding equipment

Whether you are a beginning or an expert rider, you have to have a precise equipment for you and your horse. This especially calls for a bridle and a saddle which are perfectly designed for horse's morphology to avoid serious injuries. For your part, you have to invest into an appropriate outfit especially for horse riding. On our website you will find many products reviews to help you in making your choice: we give you some advice to choose your equipment, and to maintain it as well to keep it as long as possible.

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