Secrets for making a horse happy

Every horse owner knows that it is a wonderful life partner : faithful, loving and smart, it is the perfect companion. But horse also needs to be well-maintained, that is why you have to turn things over in your head before you buy a horse.

An adapted equipment

Whether you ride everyday or simply occasionally, you have to ensure that you have the appropriate equipment to not wound your horse. It is especially the case of the saddle : it has to be comfortable for you, but also for your horse. Do not hesitate to call upon a saddle fitter before invest money into a saddle : he will ensure that the one you would like to buy perfectly suits to your horse's morphology, that is to say it should not impede the shoulders motion or cause frictions on the vertebrae. Do not hesitate to click here to get further information.

Take care of your horse

To stay fit, your horse needs a regular care. Firstly, you have to know that the horse is not born to remain locked up in a stable all over the year : it is a nomad animal, which has always used to travel long distances to find the food. That is why it is better to let him live outdoor all along the year, with water and hay at will, and a shelter for the winter as well. And if you cannot let him outdoor, do not forget to provide him regular walks to enable him to stretch his legs. Moreover, you have to know that a horse needs social relationships, so do not let him alone : you can put a secons horse in his field, and even another kind of animal like a donkey or a goat for example. And do not hesitate to come to visit him even when you do not intend to ride : give him apples and carrots, spend time with him and he will thank you when you ride.

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