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Just because a person has reached some specific age does not mean they instantly lose the magic of riding ponies (and/or a short horse 15 hands and under). A good many adults don't ride smaller horses/ponies because they feel they would look funny or that it is not strong enough to carry them.  

FYI go to:     How much weight can a small horse/pony carry?  

~also~   The Heavier Riders’ Guide

Sometimes adults will over mount themselves on horses. We don't expect a child to be capable of controlling a large horse, so why should the an adult expect that, because of their age, they belong on a tall horse rather than a smaller equine?  Ponies or Horses 15 hands and under are for riders happier on a compact, sturdy, shorter equine. They can help riders regain their confidence in riding, to be able to continue enjoying a favorite sport which can be an important psychological need for the adult rider. In today's market, the shorter equine is often the best buy. With their sturdiness and lower metabolism, strong feet, longer life span, and yes, good temperaments, the smaller equine is a far better investment for the adult rider as well as for the child. There are many easy gaited  (no trot) horse breeds with registered animals who are 15 hands (and under), which are being enjoyed by many adults.

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